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Below are a select samples of the thousands of concerts held at various locations of “The Ark” dating back to 1969 up through 2008.  We hope you enjoy this nostalgic journey and might be inspired to help us bring more concerts to you very soon.

Hedy West

      Artist Bio Hedy West (1938-2005) was an American folk musician and composer. A performer and participant in Asheville (N.C.) and Nashville (Tenn.) folk festivals since her youth, West was known for her singing, as well as for playing piano, banjo, and guitar....

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Bob White and David Bromberg

Artist Bio David Bromberg is a guitarist and violin maker known for performing and recording across genres, including folk, blues, bluegrass, ragtime, and country. A student of the late Rev. Gary Davis and collaborator with the Grateful Dead and John Hiatt, among...

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Jeff Guthrie

Artist Bio Very little is known about Jeff Guthrie. He was Woody Guthrie’s uncle and the deputy sheriff of Pampa TX.  He arrested Pretty Boy Floyd, was the fiddler for local square dances and Woody stayed with him when he left home. Here's a song that Arlo wrote about...

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Ray Bierl

Artist Bio Guitarist, singer, and fiddler Ray Bierl was born in Vancouver, B.C. (December 7, 1942), and raised in San Diego, Ca. A mostly self-taught musician, he earned a master's degree in sociology and held a 30-year "temporary" job with the San Francisco...

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Michael Cooney

Artist Bio Performer and writer Michael Cooney (b. 1943) was the first act featured at the second location of The Ark in 1984. His musical interest emerged early and continued to develop during two years spent hitchhiking and riding freight trains. Cooney's expertise...

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